PM Modi | ‘Conspiracy’ Hatched To Incite People On Behalf Of HAL, PM Modi Attacks Congress



tumakuruPrime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Congress on Monday, saying the allegations against his government were made on behalf of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and that a conspiracy was being hatched to incite the people. After inaugurating HAL’s factory in Gubbi taluk, Modi said without naming Congress: “Today, HAL’s helicopter factory is a testimony that exposed the lies and misinformation being spread about HAL.”

Modi said: “Accusations were made against our government on behalf of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. A conspiracy was hatched to incite the people. Today HAL is carrying forward our motto of Atmanirbhar Bharat.” The then Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said during 2017-18 that it was necessary to “protect the dignity of India’s defenders.” He accused the government led by Narendra Modi of “snatch” the Rafale contract from HAL and “give it away” to Anil Ambani’s company.

Gandhi had said: “HAL is a strategic asset of India. By seizing the Rafale from HAL and gifting it to Anil Ambani, the future of India’s aerospace industry has been destroyed.” Congress and Rahul Gandhi were attacking the Modi-led government over the Rs 58 billion Rafale fighter jet deal rupees, alleging corruption and favoritism.

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Modi recalled that he laid the foundation stone for the factory in 2016, which opened today, with a determination that India had to reduce its defense imports and become self-sufficient. “Now hundreds of defense kits are made in India,” he said. Acknowledging HAL’s contribution, the Prime Minister said that investment in the aerospace sector in the past eight to nine years has been five times what happened in the 15-year period prior to 2014.

According to the officials, Bengaluru-based HAL plans to produce more than 1,000 helicopters in the 3-15 tonne range at this factory in Gubbi taluk over a 20-year period with a total turnover of more than Rs four lakh crore. The factory is located on 615 acres. It will initially produce light utility helicopters (LUH). (agency)

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