Prison | Husband murderer of wife sentenced to life in prison, judge’s decision of additional sessions

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darwha, The husband accused of killing his wife has been sentenced to life in prison. This decision was given by the Judge of the Court of Additional Sessions. According to the information received, an incident came to light at Amol Komti’s house on August 11, 2017 at around 2:30 p.m. in the area of ​​the Ladkhed police station in Ner tehsil. The late Asha and her mother Sonabai, brother Amol were sleeping in the house. Defendant Prakash Lonkar then killed his wife Asha by throwing a stone at her chest while she was sleeping.

At this time the defendant and the deceased lived in the house of his mother and brother. The defendant always doubted the character of wife Asha. On the day of the incident, while intoxicated, he quarreled with her wife Asha hers and beat her and killed Asha Lonkar by throwing a stone at her chest in the middle of the night. At the same time, the late Asha’s brother and mother woke up. Then the defendant escaped from there throwing stones. On Amol Komti’s complaint, the Ladkhed police registered a murder case. Following this, after investigating the matter, Naresh Randhir, SHO of Ladkhed Police Station, brought the matter to court.

The additional sessions judge recorded the statements of 12 witnesses in Darwha court. In these, considering the statements and medical certificates of the eyewitness, deceased Asha’s brother and mother, as strong evidence, Judge AB Finding the defendant Prakash Lonkar guilty, Bhasme sentenced him to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1,000. and, for not paying the penalty, he was sentenced to an additional two months in simple prison. Prosecutor Dilip Nimkar handled the work on the case. He was assisted by police officer Pradeep Thorat as a lobbying officer.

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