protest | Women from Dindori tehsil villages started a ban movement

Women from Dindori tehsil villages started a ban movement

Dindori: Children along with citizens are also getting addicted to liquor due to open and hidden sale of liquor in big tehsil villages as well as padas and settlements. As the young generation becomes addicted to drugs, children acquire wrong values. Small and large disputes continue to occur in the village every day due to intoxication. Women especially suffer from this. In this regard, tehsil village women are aggressive against illegal trade and have decided to ban liquor in Kombadwadi tehsil village.

Considering the growing complaints about the flourishing of illegal businesses in the urban and rural areas of Nashik district, Rural Police Superintendent Shahji Ump is conducting a special campaign to eliminate illegal businesses in the district. After taking office, this campaign is being well received by the citizens of the district. Despite this, the sale of liquor and illegal businesses continue indiscriminately in the towns.

Start campaign against liquor sales

As the women in these towns become aggressive and take to the streets, fear is growing among those involved in illegal businesses. After taking action against the illegal businesses of the women of Dindori, Janauri, Jalkhed, Golshi Phata of Dindori tehsil, now the women of the Kombadwadi area of ​​Varkheda have started a campaign against the sale of illegal liquor.

Women are in trouble because of alcoholics.

It has been decided to ban liquor in Kombadwadi and Warkheda in special gram sabhas. To make people aware of this, a sign has been placed at the main gate of the village. The town’s peace system is deteriorating due to the sale of illegal liquor and gambling dens are also being run in the town. Women are suffering due to alcoholics, seniors should pay attention to this and stop illegal liquor sales in the village. On this occasion, Sub-Inspector of Police Swapnil Rajput assured the women and the villagers and asked the villagers to cooperate in this. During this move, the names of those who conduct illegal business are kept secret.

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Varkheda Gram Panchayat has decided to ban liquor in Varkheda and Kombadwadi areas. Alcohol prevention and side effects boards have been installed. The police administration should take strict measures against this.

Jayshree Kadale, former Sarpanch.

In the villages of Kombadwadi-Varkheda, the women of the village have united against the ban on the illegal sale of liquor. In this regard, keeping in mind the demand of women and villagers, a unanimous resolution has been taken to ban liquor by organizing a traditional Gram Sabha. The police administration is expected to take action respecting the demands of the women and villagers.

Keshav Waghle, Sarpanch Varkheda appointed by the public.

The Vani Police have launched 34 campaigns against the illegal sale of liquor. After Samudshen, some illegal liquor dealers left the profession and took the path of wages. If anyone is secretly selling moonshine please report, immediate action will be taken.

– Swapnil Rajput, Sub-Inspector of Police at Vani Police Station.

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