PubG BGMI is now available on google play store how to download battlegrounds mobile india full steps in hindi. PUBG BGMI entry in Google Play Store, players will be able to download in this way

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This time the BGMI game will be very different from before.

PUBG BGMI now available in India: For the past few days, the news about the return of Desi PUBG BGMI is happening. PUBG fans were looking forward to this game, now there is a good news for them. BGMI game i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available on Google Playstore. Players can now play by downloading BGMI on their smartphones. However, right now you won’t get it completely direct on the Google Play Store. To download it, you have to fight a little play.

For now, only Android users can enjoy BGMI. It is not yet available on the App Store. iPhone users may have to wait a few more days to play Battle Ground Mobile India. Let us tell you that the Indian government has lifted the ban on BGMI for 90 days of trial. If everything is later found to be fine in the application, then the ban can be removed entirely.

How to download BGMI from Google Play Store?

To download Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Google Play Store, players must first visit the website

Upon reaching the website, you will find “Get It On Google Play Store” written on the Play Store icon. You have to click on this icon.

Clicking on the icon will take you to the Google Play Store. From here you will get the option to download PUBG BGMI.

Game not found in Google Play Store

Let us tell you that until the time of writing the news, this game was not available in the BGMI search directly on the Google Play Store. We also searched once by typing Battlegrounds Mobile India but could not find this game. However, when I went to the BGMI website, BGMI was found on the Google Play Store from the link provided there.

Let us tell you that ever since Crofton announced the return of BGMI in India, players are constantly searching his website. The latest leaks about the game claim that BGMI will be available on the Google Play Store and App Store on May 25. At the same time, bugs have also started to appear on the BGMI website. It is believed that the company would be involved in the process of making it available on both app stores, only then does the error appear on the website.

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