PUBG publisher Tencent fired 100 employees and sent some to jail

Chinese technology company Tencent said on Monday that it had fired more than 100 employees and turned some of them over to the police for violating company policies. He was allegedly found guilty of bribery and embezzlement. Tencent is also known for its popular video games PUBG and WeChat. In India, the company has had to face various regulatory actions.

According to the AFP news agency, Hong Kong-listed company Tecent reported on Monday that it has laid off more than 100 company employees. The firm – which in November reported its second consecutive quarterly drop in earnings – reports through its statement that these employees were found guilty of violating its anti-fraud policy.

The publisher of the PUBG game said that more than 10 employees have been transferred to China’s Public Security Organ.

The report says the firm said: “In response to corruption and fraud issues within the company, Tencent’s Anti-Fraud Investigation Department continued to strengthen its operations and investigated and addressed a number of violations with common issues.”

The culprits were found guilty of embezzling money from Tencent and taking bribes. They were found guilty in court. The report further suggests that many of those fired and accused of corruption were part of the company’s PCG arm, which oversees its vast output of content, from news to sports to movies.

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