PVR inaugurates the country’s first multiplex in an airport complex

The first multiplex has been commissioned in an airport complex in the country. It is released by PVR Cinemas within the airport complex of Chennai International Airport. The PVR Aerohub has five screens and a total capacity of more than 1,150 people. In this, in addition to the passengers who come and go to the airport, people who live near the airport will also have access.

The multiplex has modern equipment and technology including 2K RGB+ laser projectors, Real D 3D stereoscopic projection and Dolby Atmos audio. Passengers arriving or departing from Chennai International Airport will especially benefit from the PVR Aerohub. These will especially include passengers who want a form of entertainment to pass the time between two flights. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Deputy General Manager of PVR, said: “The aim of building a cinema near the airport is to provide a movie-watching experience for passengers to pass the time between an early arrival or a delayed flight to catch flights in the Chennai airport. The experience has to be available.”

Large multiplex chain PVR opened the country’s first multiplex in 1997 at Saket, Delhi. The company has 182 theaters and 908 screens in 78 cities in India and Sri Lanka. PVR has 12 theaters with 77 screens in Chennai. The airport multiplex trend already exists abroad. PVR has started it in India.

Bollywood has been going through a difficult phase in recent years. Firstly due to Corona, the film industry suffered greatly due to the lack of film releases in theaters for several months and then due to the failure of big films. Multiplex companies were also affected by this. However, in recent months, Shahrukh Khan’s Brahmastra and Pathan, released last week, have brought great relief to Bollywood and the multiplex industry. The multiplex business has increased due to Pathan’s strong advance bookings and continued crowds of viewers. The film is shown on around 8,000 screens in India and abroad. The gross of this film in India has crossed Rs 300 crores. It is also enjoying a lot abroad.

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