Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha Membership Has Been Canceled Ashok Gehlot’s Reaction Priyanka Gandhi’s Reaction

Rahul Gandhi disqualified as MP: Wayanad Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was sentenced yesterday (Thursday, March 23, 2023) in connection with his comment on Prime Minister Modi’s surname, after which his Lok Sabha membership was terminated on Friday. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has issued a notification. After this decision by the secretariat, many leaders have come to Rahul’s support.

Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot said the abolition of Rahul Gandhi as a member of the Lok Sabha is another example of dictatorship. BJP must not forget that they had also adopted the same method against Ms. Indira Gandhi and had to face the consequences. Shri Rahul Gandhi is the voice of the country that will now be stronger against this dictatorship. Congress Secretary General Jairam Ramesh said that we will fight this battle both legally and politically. We are not going to cower or shut up. Rahul Gandhi has been disqualified in place of the JPC in Adani’s scam related to the Prime Minister. Indian Democracy Om Shanti.

The fight will continue at all costs.

Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi said on membership cancellation that Nirav Modi Scam- 14,000 Cr, Lalit Modi Scam- 425 Cr, Mehul Choksi Scam- 13,500 Cr. Why BJP Has Come To The Rescue of those who looted the country’s money? Why is he running from the investigation? Those who ask questions about this, cases are presented to them. Does the BJP support the corrupt?

Congress tweeted from its official Twitter account that Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership has been cancelled. He is constantly fighting for you and this country from the road to Parliament, doing everything he can to save democracy. Despite all the conspiracies, he will continue this fight at all costs and take fair action in this matter.

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress alleged that shameful steps have been taken against Rahul Gandhi. He said that this disqualification shows once again that we live in the era of democracy.

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