Rajasthan Govt Rajasthan: Gehlot govt big decision to give ‘so many’ lakhs for inter-caste marriage

Rajasthan: Gehlot gov't big decision to give 'so many' lakhs for inter-caste marriage

New Delhi: Wedding season is happening in India now. When we talk about inter-caste marriages in India, people show their anger. So, getting the house permit and then being accepted in the society is considered a bit more difficult. In such a situation, the couple has to face many problems in order to get married. Now, the Rajasthan government has taken a commendable initiative for inter-caste marriage. Let us know what the Rajasthan government has done.

Great decision of the Gehlot government

Yes, indeed, the Rajasthan government has made a big announcement that they will give Rs 10 lakhs to the couple who gets married between castes. We often see that there is no support from the family, these people find it difficult to defend themselves. The government is now going to help those couples. The Rajasthan government has decided to provide Rs 10 lakhs as an incentive for inter-caste intermarriage. Previously, this amount was Rs 5 lakhs.

Rs 10 lakh will be given for inter caste marriage

For the information received, let us tell you that under the Savita Ben Ambedkar Intercaste Marriage Scheme, administered by Dr. Rajasthan Department of Empowerment and Social Justice, an incentive of Rs 10 lakhs will be given to intercaste marriages, so that they can initiate your married life. It will be a great help.

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So you will get benefits…

Let us tell you that the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, has approved the proposal to increase this amount. Under this scheme, an amount of Rs 5 lakh has been deposited for 8 years. The remaining five lakh rupees will be deposited in the joint bank account. In this way, those who do inter-caste marriages are going to be benefited.

You will get benefit only in this condition

For information, let us tell you that Rajasthan announced this in the budget year 2023-24. The Rajasthan government provides financial assistance under this intercaste marriage scheme. Boys or girls from scheduled castes who marry boys or girls from higher castes will benefit from this scheme.

Only after doing this…

Not only this but both of them must be from Rajasthan. Likewise, the age of both must not be greater than 35 years. Also, neither of you should be involved in any criminal case. Along with this, it is necessary that both of you are single. This amount of incentive will be delivered upon request within the month after the marriage. Today, this decision by the Rajasthan government is highly appreciated.

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