Rakhi Sawant: Adil’s girlfriend Tanu is pregnant, Rakhi reveals a big secret, watch video

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Rakhi Sawant is facing difficult times these days. Let us tell you that since a few days ago, a mountain of pains has been unleashed on Rakhi’s head. Her husband, Adil Durrani, has cheated on her. Recently her mother also passed away so she is broken inside but after Adil cheated on her Rakhi got very upset. Recently, Rakhi made a big reveal, which she will surprise you too.

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A few days ago, Rakhi Sawant had told her that her husband Adil Khan is extramarital, he had told her the name of Tanu Chandel alias Nivedita. Recently, a video of Rakhi is going viral, in which she makes a big reveal. Rakhi says that she has heard that Tanu Chandel is pregnant. That’s why she’s going out and getting married. Rakhi Sawant said that Adil is without bail. Rakhi said that I am surprised. First the news of the marriage and now Navedita Tanu Chandel is pregnant. That is when she is about to get married. Tanu should come out and say whether she is pregnant or not. I want to thank Mumbai Police and Mysore. Who exposed the rape case against Adil. This is very surprising.

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A few days ago a video of Rakhi went viral, in which Rakhi said that Adil Khan Durrani used to beat her. Along with this, she has also taken her money and jewelry with him. Adil reportedly used to threaten Rakhi Sawant that if she went against her, he would get her crushed by a truck. Also, Adil used to blackmail Rakhi to make him a hero. Recently Rakhi’s brother shared a video and said that Adil is already married and apart from Rakhi he has ruined many girls life. Along with this, cases against Adil such as the theft of money and vehicles are also registered. Rakhi received calls from 3 or 4 girls, Rakhi was told.

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