Ranbir Kapoor throws a fan’s smartphone, #AngryRanbirKapoor is trending after video went viral

Bollywood superstars grab headlines on social media for their every activity. His videos go viral every day, some of which make him look good in the public eye, while others become a controversy. One of these latest videos is related to Ranbir Kapoor which is going viral on social media. It can be seen in this video that Ranbir is throwing a fan’s mobile phone. What was then? #AngryRanbirKapoor started trending on social media.

Actually, the problem is that a fan was trying to take a selfie with Ranbir Kapoor, but he didn’t take a selfie with him right away. In the video you can see that Ranbir initially takes a selfie with the fan with a calm smile on his face, but the fan tries again and again to get a good selfie. Here it seems that either the fan’s mobile is not working well or he is looking for a perfect selfie.

After several attempts by the fan, Ranbir Kapoor finally gets angry and asks for his mobile phone and throws it back.

Just what was then, the video began to go viral on social media. Many large handles with blue ticks on Twitter have also shared this video. People use the hashtag #AngryRanbirKapoor with the video and criticize the star actor.

However, here you see mixed reactions from people. Someone is writing that ‘it has gone wrong’. He doesn’t know how to appreciate a fan’, so some users call it a joke or part of an advertisement. Users say this is a half incomplete shared video, when actually it is part of a smartphone related ad, in which Ranbir suggests this fan to buy a better phone.

You can see all these tweets and their reactions below:

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