Reasons for the decline in people’s interest in the iPhone

September 12, 2012

apple company

It is expected that this year the sales of the Apple company will reach 150,000 million dollars.

To mark the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 5, the BBC asked Newsweek magazine’s technology editor, Dan Lyons, to write about Apple’s progress over the past year.

Dan Lyons used to have a blog called ‘Steve Jobs’ Secret Diary’ after former Apple Company CEO Steve Jobs.

Here is this special article by Dan Lyons on the ups and downs of the Apple company.

When I started a blog called Steve Jobs in 2006, I used to think of myself as the CEO of Apple. But when it became clear in January 2011 that Steve Jobs was suffering from a serious illness, I closed that blog. But despite all this, I always keep thinking that what Steve Jobs would have thought about what is happening today in the Apple company.

Now that the company is launching the iPhone-5 and the way the news about it has leaked, everyone knows what kind of new phone it will be.

The new phone is believed to be almost like the previous two iPhone models, only slightly thinner and longer. But if this news is true, surely Steve would not be happy.

no significant change

First of all, Steve would have been mad on his own when the news leaked because Steve liked to surprise people.

Second, can’t we expect more from a company that claims to have the most advanced technology in the world? The iPhone-5 is the sixth phone in this series, but people who use it feel that it is still similar to the first iPhone released in 2007.

There is no difference in the hardware of the iPhone-4 and iPhone-4S, they are both almost the same.


Apple faces a tough challenge with Samsung smartphones.

Now, after two years, the only change that the company’s renowned designer, Jonathan Ive, has made to the new model is that he has increased the screen from 3.5 inches to four inches.

One of the main reasons for this is that the Apple company spends very little money on research. Apple spends just two percent of its revenue on research, while Google and Microsoft spend 14 percent of their revenue on research.

samsung challenge

That’s why it’s perhaps no surprise that Android-powered phones now control 68 percent of the smartphone market, up from just 47 percent of the market last year.

But during this time, Apple’s market share dropped to 17 percent.

That is, today, the market share of Android phones is four times that of Apple. Due to the increasing challenge of Android phones, now Apple is making super size phones but it is just a copy in which there is no innovation.

Even in the tablet market, Apple has now started to copy or be influenced by others.

The 10-inch iPad, which has long dominated the tablet market, now faces competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Google’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy.

Steve Jobs (file photo)

Steve Jobs founded the Apple company in 1976.

To meet this challenge, Apple is expected to introduce a new, smaller version of its popular iPad tablet in October.

The Apple TV discussion was in full swing at one point, but no progress has been made in that area at present. Apple’s latest announcements are also considered very bad.

If Apple won the patent dispute with Samsung, then under this pretext, people also realized how much better the new Samsung phones are.

This is probably why last month Samsung’s Galaxy-S3 surpassed the iPhone-4S in terms of sales in the United States.

This was the first time a smartphone had surpassed the iPhone in the US.

Apple company was known for fearlessly bringing new technologies to the market, but in the past year, Apple company seems to be afraid of copying others and making tough decisions.

However, there has not been any significant difference in the sale and profit of its assets. Apple with a market value of $632 billion remains the world’s largest company in American history.

Apple’s shareholders will benefit from this, but it’s not good news for its customers. The Apple company and its products are becoming boring for its customers.

I can feel Steve Jobs crying somewhere nearby.

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