Recession affects sales of personal computers, last year sales fell by 16 percent

Last year, there was a 16 percent drop in the global personal computer (PC) market. The recession, the increase in the cost of energy and the higher interest rates are the main reasons behind this. Last year, total shipments in this market were 28.51 million units. Total shipments of desktop and laptop computers decreased 29 percent in the fourth quarter to approximately 65.4 million units.

Lenovo has the first place in the global PC market. They are followed by HP, Dell, Apple and Asus. Global PC sales skyrocketed during the pandemic about two years ago. However, PC shipments last year have been higher than the pre-Corona period. A report by market research firm Canalys says laptop shipments fell nearly 19 percent to 223.8 million units last year. In the fourth quarter, there was a large decline of 30 percent and its shipments were around 51.4 million units.

In terms of market share, Lenovo maintained its top position in the fourth quarter and the full year. The company’s shipments were around Rs 1.55 crore. The market share of this Chinese company was 23.9 percent last year. This is a decrease of about 29 percent on a yearly basis. HP came in second with shipments of about 1.32 million units. The company’s sales declined 29 percent in the fourth quarter. HP’s market share was 19.4 percent. Dell has suffered the most in terms of sales. The company’s sales were down nearly 37 percent to 10.8 million units. The market share of this American company was 17.4 percent last year.

The global smartphone market is also suffering from the slowdown. Due to this, the global production of smartphones has decreased in the third quarter of the current year. The smartphone industry produced about 289 million units between July and September. This was a decrease of 0.9 percent compared to the second quarter and almost 11 percent on an annual basis. South Korea’s Samsung retained its top position in smartphone manufacturing. US smartphone company Apple ranked second and China’s Xiaomi third.

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