Registered Case | FIR v. Government Contractor for Misuse of Grampan’s Notepad

Raised slogans of 'Pakistan Zindabad' in Handia of Uttar Pradesh, case registered against 7 people

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wardha, Fake work orders were prepared for government work under GRAM. For this, further investigation has been launched by registering a case against the government contractor Bhushan Sudhakar Avachat with the Sevagram police for the case of misusing Grampan letterhead and throwing dust in the eyes of the administration by forging the signatures of Sarpanch and Secretary.

Sarika Chowdhary (35), Madani Grampan’s secretary, filed a complaint at the police station on instructions from the elders. Under the District Annual Plan, a fund of 7 lakhs has been approved for the cement road from Devghare in the village to Kinhalkar’s house under public convenience. The said work was handed over to Mahakali Construction Wardha. For this, the work order was also made on August 1, 2021. It was signed and sealed by Sarpanch Lalitkumar Kurekar and Secretary Chaudhary.

The agency started work on the above route and completed it in April 2022. The work was under the supervision of PNS Branch Engineer Binjhade. Grapan paid the bill for this work with a check; previously, the government contractor Subhash Awachat used to work for Grapan. He complained to the BDO on June 24, 2022. He said that the sarpanch and the secretary had handed over this job to Avachat on August 2, 2021. He started the job.

Fake work order prepared on lettered paper

The work order was also presented on Grampan’s letterhead. Because this was suspicious, the matter was investigated at the BDO level. His report was sent to the CEO of Zip. In this, Awachat was found to have received blank notepads from Grampan with reference to old works. By misusing it, he forged the signatures of the Sarpanch and the Secretary and got work orders prepared in his name. Sarpanch was also questioned about the episode. After investigation, Sevagram Police registered a case against government contractor Subhash Avachat and launched further investigation.

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