Registration fee | Income registration fee of Rs 2.25 crore deposited before March

Documented Legal Acts Tax

Jalgaon: The state is poised to set the highest level in stamp, registration fee revenue collection and the district has been ranked third in the Nashik Division. There remains a period of 45 to 50 days before the end of the year, that is, at the end of March. In the fiscal year 2022-23, the revenue target was exceeded by Rs 3-5 lakhs. According to the Administration of the Department of Documented Legal Acts, an amount of revenue of more than two million rupees has been deposited in the government treasury this year.

Various jobs, such as buying and selling real estate, paying stamp duty, and registering marriage, are done through the Stamp Duty and Registration Department. According to the information received from the department, every year thousands of citizens come to the department in connection with work. The district target rate in 2021-22 was Rs 2.26 crore. In this way, an amount of income of Rs 2 crore, 29 lakh was received. A stamp duty of five per cent and a local surcharge of one per cent have been imposed this year, as well as a registration fee of one per cent or up to Rs 30,000 for transactions of up to Rs 2.3 million. Stamp revenue and registration fees have been negatively affected during the Corona pandemic.

In 2018-19, a target of Rs 1 crore, 93 lakhs was set, in which 86,110 squads were registered. Revenue worth Rs 2 crore, 12 lakh, 19 thousand was collected from this record. In the year 2019-20, a revenue amount of Rs 2 crore, 19 lakhs was raised, but in 2020-21, the target was Rs 1 crore, 72 lakhs, according to which the revenue amount of one crore, 95 lakh, 89 thousand was achieved.

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Implementation of various electronic initiatives such as electronic payment and electronic search in progress

The Works Registration Computer System (Sarita) has been introduced since 2002 and the Works Central Registration Computer System (i-Sarita) since 2012. In addition, the implementation of various electronic initiatives such as electronic payment and electronic search is underway. march and e-registration department has started e-registration system during the year 2014 and management has also said that electronic payment For convenience, electronic payment handling charges are available from 2019 under ‘Cashless India’ initiative.

24 hour stamp duty payment facility available on website

Solving the problems with the electronic currency system: In the purchase and sale transaction we face many problems such as counterfeit stamps, counterfeit stamps. The postage system was used as a solution, in addition the electronic billing system was adopted. The 24-hour stamp duty payment service has been made available on the website.

The registration of documents has started, attaching the electronic invoice receipt to the purchase and sale documents. Since then, over time, the revenue has been paid directly to the government, thus saving the commission, while the confusion of the stamp with the counterfeit stamp is resolved.

– Umesh Shinde, Assistant District Recorder and Stamp Collector, Jalgaon.

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