Respiratory disease patients can save up to 83% on their drug costs by using generic drugs. Patients with respiratory diseases can save up to 83% when using generic drugs.

Digital Desk, Ahmedabad. Due to the change in climate, the large difference between day and night temperatures, and the effect of smog and fog in most urban areas, respiratory disease problems have increased significantly. In such a situation, the movement in the drug market has also increased and this season is also putting a heavy burden on the pocket of the common man. But Medkart, a leading omnichannel retailer of generic drugs, estimates that in this situation, patients with respiratory diseases can save up to 83% on their medical bills by using generic drugs.

According to Ankur Agarwal, co-founder of Medkart, “Medications commonly used to treat respiratory diseases include budesonide, formoterol and acebrophyllin, above common antibiotics and antihistamines. As cases of respiratory diseases are on the rise due to the changing climate, switching to generic drugs is a good way to reduce medical bills. If patients can use generic drugs from those molecules instead of their own brand drugs, they can easily save 50% to 83% on their medical bills.”

Medkart estimates show that, in recent months, medicines used to treat respiratory diseases have experienced 60% growth compared to average sales, indicating the growing impact of the disease. Aggarwal further added that “At Medkart, we recognize that skyrocketing healthcare costs will affect the economic condition of the average Indian household, therefore we must make changes to the way we deliver healthcare services.

He said that every change starts with ourselves and we aim to create more awareness among consumers on how they can reduce their healthcare expenses by switching to the best quality WHO-GMP certified generic medicines. Medkart has been making a positive difference in people’s lives by lowering their healthcare costs through generic drugs for the past eight years.

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