rocket made by students for science exhibition exploded in Jharkhand collage watch video

An incident occurred Monday at Ghatshila College in Jharkhand shocked. There, when the students were beginning to show the rocket prepared as part of a science project, it exploded. The sudden explosion created panic. 11 students have received minor injuries in this accident. All the students were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. The explosion in the rocket was of low intensity, so there was no major accident. A video related to the rocket explosion also surfaced, showing students preparing to test the rocket when it explodes.

According to media reports and a video tweeted by ANI, this rocket was prepared by the students of the Department of Physics. The rocket was tested for the first time. After the test was successful, they brought it back for display at the exhibition.

At the time when the preparations for the rocket test were being carried out, students, teachers and guests were present at the site. The students had told them that rockets also explode in flight. Preparations were underway to launch the rocket in open space. According to media reports, then an error occurred. Instead of flying, another boy pushed the button to make the rocket explode. That’s why the rocket exploded there. This generated panic in the place. The children present around have received injuries.

People associated with the school said 11 children were injured in the incident, but none were in serious condition. No one had any idea that something like this would happen. Although the video is surprising, because if this explosion was of high intensity, serious damage could also have occurred. The children were scared after the accident. The parents were also scared. Although the teachers did their best to handle the situation.



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