RTMNU | University: Governor changed, now denounces the President; No action on Vice Chancellor’s mistakes

ABVP pressure, university withdraws, refuses to give vice chancellor speech in anti-naxal program

Nagpur. Complaints were first made to the governor about various irregularities, including the work style of the vice-chancellor of RTM Nagpur University and making decisions contrary to the rules. After the Governor failed to take any action, former Senate member Ed. Manmohan Bajpai complained to the Prime Minister’s Office. Preparations are now being made to file a complaint with the president. Even after this, if it is not taken seriously, then Bajpayee has given information about taking refuge directly in court.

Bajpai says Vice Chancellor Pvt. Subhash Chowdhary has violated various sections of the University Act. Due to this, the image of the university has been tarnished. Due to their wrong decisions, students, teachers and institution operators need to take refuge in the courts. The court has also reprimanded the university in many cases so far. One candidate was excluded from the Senate elections. At the same time, the court also canceled the Senate elections. Not only this, the Dean of the University Interdisciplinary Faculty, Pvt. Regarding the appointment of Prashant Kadu, the court has also sent a notice to the university. This matter is still sub judice.

Big mess in tender award

The work worth approximately Rs 3.5 crore was assigned to a specific contractor without bidding for various construction jobs at the university. In this regard, regarding the subject of the denunciation of the doctoral students and regarding MKCL, the senator raised his voice, then the senate session against the rules was dismissed. Security guard agency also received no-bid work. Irregularities were committed in the hiring by contract. Not just this, the rules for the prestigious Indian Science Congress have also been suspended. Certificates without signatures were delivered to the delegates. The matter was not disclosed by the Vice Chancellor’s office.

Prof. of the Department of Social Communication of the University. Dharmesh Dhawankar recovered 15 lakhs by blackmailing department heads, the Vice Chancellor did not take any concrete action on this matter. Until now, keeping him out of work, the investigation committee of the former judge’s committee has been formed, while this matter came to light in November itself. Bids were not launched for exam-related work and contracts were awarded arbitrarily. MKCL also received an online contract without a bidding examination. This delayed the result and the students had to take the loss.

So far, complaints have been filed with the Governor and the Prime Minister’s Office about the Vice Chancellor’s negligence. Not only this, all the documents were also handed over to the Governor during his visit to Nagpur. He had also made sure to discuss by calling the Mumbai office soon, but now the governor has also changed. This is the reason why there is no choice but to complain to the President. Even after this, if the matter doesn’t work out, we’ll take refuge in court.

-Editor Manmohan Bajpai, Former Authority Member

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