Russia Ukraine War Caprice Bourret offers Vladimir Putin that he will send her nude photo if Putin stops the war | Russia Ukraine war: American businesswoman’s awkward offer to Putin, he said

Russia-Ukraine conflict: The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete a year. So far, thousands of people have lost their lives in this war on both sides. Many countries in the world, including the United States, made a lot of efforts to end the war, but the result was still zero. Russia is not ready to back down.

Meanwhile, the American businesswoman and model Caprice Boret has taken a unique initiative to stop this war. He believes that nudity can still play an important role in ending the war between the two countries. There is a lot of potential in this. For this, he is also willing to send the nude photo of him to Putin.

First he made an offer to Putin and then withdrew it

“If Vladimir Putin stops this war and gets out of the Ukraine, I can send him some nude photos,” Caprice Boret, 51, told Richard Eden at the event at Maddox Tavern in Mayfair. Although Boret also pulled Putin after saying this. She further added: “She wonders if the Russian president is really alive. I heard a rumor that Putin is dead and I am worried about who will replace him.” We told you that the war between Russia and Ukraine started on February 24 last year. There was a long-standing conflict between the two countries, which continues to this day. from today.

Once he had taken drugs by mistake, he recounted the experience

According to the MailOnline report, in her heyday, Caprice once “accidentally took drugs”. The model said that she is in a better place now that alcohol has taken its toll on her life and she will try to be with her friends. She admitted that “I accidentally tried drugs once! My boyfriend at the time put Quaalude in an aspirin bottle and it can make you nervous. My period was passing. Because of this there was a spasm in the body. In such a situation, I took two tablets, mistaking them for aspirin. I went to the gym again and was rocking out, when all of a sudden everything got weird. I fell to the floor. The instructor said, what is going on here? I wasn’t aware of anything.

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