Russia Ukraine war, Germany provides leopard tanks to Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War: In the war between Russia and Ukraine, Western countries are helping the Ukrainian army with their military equipment. Ukraine has demanded modern and deadlier battle tanks, guns and aircraft from NATO countries including the United States (USA) which are also being given to it. Today, Germany has approved the delivery of its deadliest ‘Leopard Tank’ to Ukraine.

14 Leopard-2 tanks will be shipped from Germany to Ukraine

The Ukrainian army may give Russia a big challenge after getting the dangerous Leopard-2 tank from Germany. According to weapons experts, this tank is so powerful that with its help Ukraine can make a graveyard of Russian tanks. However, Russia is not without large and heavy weapons. Significantly, a year has passed since the face-to-face fighting between Russia and Ukraine began.

Russia-Ukraine head-to-head war from 2022

In February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine in the name of a special military operation. Russia says the Ukrainian government, along with Western countries, is becoming part of the US conspiracy against Russia. Russia made many more accusations against the Ukrainian government and tried to reach Kyiv by sending in the Russian army.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. Presenting a tough challenge, the Ukrainian army prevented the Russian army from entering many cities. Now, the fight between these two countries is going to be more deadly because Ukraine has started to receive large resources from Germany, Poland, the United States and Great Britain.

On Friday, Germany issued an order to send 14 Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine, giving Ukraine more strength as it is seeking heavy weapons to counter the Russian military. Germany has already said that it will give Ukraine a large amount of military equipment from its military arsenal.

Asked about the Leopard-2 tank, German government spokesman Stefan Hebestreit told a news conference: “I can confirm that an export license to Ukraine has been issued.”

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