Russia Ukraine War Update: UK Defense Minister Has Not Ruled Out Supplying Ukraine With F 35 Fighter Jets | Russia Ukraine war: can UK send F-35 fighter jets to compete with Russia? UK minister said

Russia Ukraine War Updates: In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the UK Defense Minister has said that he will continue to support Ukraine. At the same time, he did not refuse to supply Ukraine with combat aircraft. UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Thursday that he is ready to consider not only fighter jets but also other means for Ukraine.

Statement by the British Defense Minister at the request of Ukraine
According to the AFP news agency, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made this big statement about the Russia-Ukraine conflict during a conversation with journalists. Ben Wallace said: “I’ve been very candid about the aircraft process. One thing I’ve learned over the last year is not to rule anything out.”
However, he warned that he would not become a “magic wand” in the war. He said that “these things do not always happen overnight, but I can say that we will not put Ukrainians at risk.”

Here, the Ukrainian Air Force has requested American-made F-16 fighter jets to help deal with the Russian invasion. The United States has currently denied any delivery of the F-16 to Ukraine, but other partners, including Poland, have all but agreed.

‘It takes months to learn to fly these jets’
Earlier, the official spokesman for the UK prime minister said on Tuesday: “Britain’s Typhoon and F-35 fighter jets are very complex and it takes months to learn how to fly them.” “Given this, we believe that it would not be appropriate to send those planes to Ukraine,” he said.

‘The supply of planes will not change the rules of the game overnight’
UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Kyiv’s immediate need was to push back Russian troops through military gun formations on the ground, a need that further needed to be met. The supply of our fighter jets will not be a game changer overnight due to the complex training requirement, he added.

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