Sales of electric vehicles fell by more than 10% in January, find out what is the reason for the drop in demand. Sales of electric vehicles decreased by more than 10% in January, know the reason for the drop in demand

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electric in the country Retail sales of motor vehicles (PV) decreased by 10.51% to 3,346 units in January 2023. The Federation of Vehicle Dealer Associations (FADA) gave this information on Tuesday. In the previous month, that is, December 2022, vehicle sales were 3,739 units. Automaker Tata Motors’ photovoltaic electric sales fell 17 percent to 2,426 units last month. In December 2022, 2,926 vehicles were supplied. At the same time, MG Motor’s sales also declined 12.55 percent to 425 units in the past month. There were 486 units in the previous month. According to FADA, BYD India sold 132 vehicles last month. This is 164 percent more than the 50 vehicles sold in December 2022. Luxury automaker BMW India also sold 123 cars in January. As of December 2022, it had sold 29 units. Experts in the vehicle sector assure that the supply of electric vehicles has been affected by the impact on the supply chain. Because of this, there has been a decline in sales.

According to FADA, the demand remained slow

Similarly, Hyundai Motor India’s electric passenger vehicle sales rose to 111 units last month. Due to this, 91 vehicles were sold in the last month. Sales of commercial electric vehicles (CVs) were also hit last month, according to FADA data. It decreased by 23 percent to 131 units. It sold 170 units in the previous month.

Electric two-wheeler sales increased marginally

Sales of electric three-wheelers also declined three percent to 32,911 units in January this year. In December 2022, 33,949 three-wheelers were sold. However, electric two-wheeler sales grew marginally to 64,363 units last month. In December 2022 there were 64,348 units.

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