Salman Rushdie said – There is a problem typing and typing. Salman Rushdie said after the attack that there is a problem writing and writing

Salman Rushdie said after the attack that there is a problem in writing and writing - India TV Hindi

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Salman Rushdie said: there is a problem writing and writing

The famous writer and novelist Salman Rushdie had a fatal attack in America in the past. In this attack, he lost sight in one eye. Rushdie said on this matter that he was lucky to have survived. He said that I was lucky, I am grateful. I feel good now. But all I can say is that I’m not that bad either. He said in a conversation with The New Yorker journalist that he now faces difficulties in typing due to loss of sight. He said that there is a lot of difficulty in writing now.

Let us tell you that this attack on Salman Rushdie took place in August of last year when he was on stage at an event in upstate New York. During this he was attacked in which he lost the light in one eye. After this incident, he had to stay in the hospital for several days. He was seriously injured in the attack, the main injuries of which were healed. Rushdie said that after physical therapy, the thumb, index finger and lower half of the palm began to function. They tell me I’m fine now. Rushdie said the loss of feeling in some of his fingers is causing him trouble typing and writing.

Rushdie said it was a great attack. I can walk alone and I’m fine. When I say I’m fine, it means that some parts of my body need constant monitoring. He said the attack has left him with mental trauma and he has to rethink his approach to safety. Please say that Salman Rushdie is still in controversy over the way he writes. For the past two decades, he lives his life without any security. He said that when I sit down to write, I can’t write. Sometimes it feels empty. I delete what I write the next day. I haven’t really gotten over that attack yet.

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