Salman takes Tina and Shaleen’s class. Bigg Boss 16: Salman prepares Tina and Shaleen’s class

Digital desk, Mumbai. In the upcoming weekend episode of Bigg Boss 16, host Salman Khan will be seen giving Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot a lesson for their confusing behavior on the controversial reality show. Salman will be seen asking Tina, what game are you playing and with whom?

Tina looked confused and said, Sir, I’m not acting, I’ve also told Shaleen that we can’t be together. Salman said, there is no consistency in your game, when you were weak you went with him and when you got strong you left him. To this Tina said, we can’t fall in love.

Salman said, I just had a fight, as soon as the music started to stick. There was no one else to live or dance here, this relationship is false. Salman also gestures to show the way Shaleen and Tina were dancing the night of the concert. Tina and Shalin looked embarrassed.

After this, Shalin asks Salman: Sir, don’t be hard on him. So Salman told him what he just said and then Shalin apologized.


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