Samsung’s unique laptop will fold twice, patent file!

After the foldable smartphone, now South Korean tech company Samsung is reportedly gearing up to bring a foldable laptop soon. If the latest leak is to be believed, then the company has patented a unique laptop, which will fold not once but twice. One time it can be folded like a normal laptop, while the second time it can be folded to make it smaller, giving the appearance of folded paper. At the moment, supposedly only the patent has been approved, but there is no need for the company to introduce it to the market soon.

In the latest report from letsgodigital, it is reported that Samsung has filed a patent for a foldable laptop that folds twice. In the report, the design of the laptop that folds twice through an image has been presented. This patent image reveals that once this laptop can be folded like a normal laptop, it can be closed. After closing the laptop, this unique laptop will once again have the ability to fold in half.

The laptop keyboard is divided into two parts with a folding hinge in the middle, so that users can fold it once more at their convenience. The laptop screen will also have a hinge in the middle, which will help it fold a second time. At the same time, Samsung’s foldable OLED panel will deliver on this laptop.

After the screen and keyboard are folded (usually turn off the laptop), the laptop keyboard can be folded together with the screen. Which will end up looking like paper folding and this feature can make the laptop very small in size which will make it very convenient to carry from one place to another. However, this laptop can be quite thick after being fully folded.

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