Sanjay Rathod | Government pledges to make life easier for farmers, presentation by Minister Sanjay Rathod

Government pledges to make life easier for farmers, presentation by Minister Sanjay Rathod

yavatmalWithout losing sight of farmers, the government has presented this year’s economic budget. Short and long term plans are included in the budget. The government is committed to making life easier for farmers through various schemes. This intention was expressed by the Minister for Food and Drug Administration and Warden Minister for the district, Sanjay Rathod.

Under the joint aegis of the Atma Project Office, the Department of Agriculture and the Women’s Economic Development Corporation, the District Agriculture Festival, organized on the occasion of the World Year of Whole Grains, was inaugurated by the Minister of Development Sanjay Rathod in Samta Maidan. On this occasion, District Magistrate Amol Yedge, Chief Executive Dr. Shrikrishna Panchal, Punjabrao Agricultural College Vice Chancellor Dr. Shankarrao Gadakh, Police Superintendent Dr. Pawan Kumar Bansod, Agriculture Department Coordinator Kisanrao Mulay, Extension Education Director Dr. Undirwade, Reverend Associate Director Dr. Pramod Yadgirwar, Dr. ND Parlawar, District Superintendent Agriculture Officer Navnath Kolpakar, District Agriculture Development Officer Rajendra Malode, Assistant Commissioner for Skill Development Vidya Shitole , Kranti Katole District Animal Husbandry Officer, Renu Shinde Soul Regulatory Board member, etc. They were present.

In the economic budget, the government has decided to give facilities to farmers in crop insurance. Farmers will be able to take out crop insurance for just one rupee. The government will pay the farmers’ crop insurance amount. Apart from this, no government had compensated the losses from the continuous rains to date. For the first time this year, the government awarded compensation of Rs 700 crore to the state and Rs 51 crore to the district. Until now there was a subsidy from the central government for Thimbak irrigation, now due to its reduction, the state government has also contributed 80 percent of the subsidy.

At that time, the whole grain brochure was published by respected people. Apart from this, the progressive farmers were congratulated by the foster minister. At the same time, a money order was distributed to the women’s savings group to do business.

The dignitaries inaugurated several stalls set up in the Krishi Mahotsav. At that time, the Guardian Minister, the District Magistrate and the dignitaries present presented various posts of the Krishi Mahotsav.

The water lit the agricultural festival

Yavatmal. With the aim of bringing the produce of district farmers directly to customers, as well as informing about new farming techniques, the Krishi Mahotsav has been organized on the Samta Maidan starting on Saturday. The Krishi Mahotsav was to be inaugurated by the State Agriculture Minister, Abdul Sattar. But after Sattar’s visit was cancelled, the foster minister inaugurated the festival.

Due to the sudden off-season rain since Friday night, the condition of the festival venue became pathetic. Shopkeepers had to worry about mud buildup from ingesting rainwater. At the same time, the result of the employees’ strike was also seen at Krishi Mahotsav. The Department of Meteorology had clarified the forecast for off-season rain in the state. Despite this, why the five-day agricultural festival was organized by the Department of Agriculture, this question is now being raised. Yavatmal is a district prone to farmer suicide. The Minister of Agriculture was expected to give strength to the farmers by being present at the festival here. But even these expectations were dashed. The market of various discussions is currently hot in the city regarding the Krishi Mahotsav organization.

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