Scientists discovered 400 hidden black holes with the help of the NASA observatory, know their meaning

Our universe is full of mysteries. Among these too, Black Hole is the most unique. Scientists have not been able to fully understand them to date. Astronomers have now discovered more than 400 black holes at the centers of galaxies. These black holes swallow stars and dust and have not been seen until today. They were discovered with the help of the US space agency NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. It is believed that these black holes were hidden under the cocoon of dust.

The mass of giant black holes is billions of times greater than the mass of the Sun. According to the US space agency, almost all large galaxies are believed to have massive black holes at their centers. Some of these black holes absorb radiation and the rest are hidden under dust and gas.

Dong-Woo Kim of the Center for Astrophysics said in a press release that astronomers have identified a large number of black holes. They have helped us understand how they are behaving.

Scientists also present different theories about black holes. Last year, the Polish theoretical physicist Nikodem Popławski said that every black hole contained a new universe. In a conversation with a news website, Nicodem said that our entire universe could exist inside a black hole, which is part of another universe. It is believed that the size of the black hole may be different. They can range in size from very small to the giant ‘monsters’ at the center of galaxies.

Nikodem Poplavsky said that black holes, big or small, could hide an entire universe inside each one of them. Apart from this, last year scientists made a black hole in a laboratory. The researchers developed the conditions for a black hole in the lab to test Stephen Hawking’s nearly decade-old theory.

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