Scientists Discovered ‘Mr India’ Frog! When there is danger, it ceases to be visible.

Have you seen the disappearing frog? If not, you may be surprised to know that there is also a species of frog that can disappear on its own. It is found in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. These frogs are of an amazing variety that can keep their skin transparent. Scientists say that their skin, meat, and other parts of their body are transparent. Not only this, the rest of her small body parts can be clearly seen floating in the water on her body.

Scientists say that it is one of the very rare types of creatures found alive on earth. Their body is filled with a substance through which light passes and they are not easily visible. This has been mentioned in a study published in Science Journal. It has been named the Glass Frog. Scientists say that they have such an ability that when they sense any danger, they become transparent so that the attacker cannot see them.

It has been said in the study that when they sleep, their red blood cells, that is, the red blood cells, accumulate in the liver. They go there and hide, so that the rest of their bodily fluid turns transparent and they escape from the hunter. That is, it is almost impossible to see them when they are resting. Discovering these frogs here may lead to another important discovery, after which scientists may also find out how to prevent blood clotting, that is, it is possible to prevent fatal blood clots.

By the way, glass frogs also rely on hemoglobin to stay alive. It is a protein present in the blood that is found in red blood cells. It transports oxygen throughout the body. Jesse Delia and Carlos Taboada associated with the study are continuously dedicated to the study of these frogs. He has also found during his observation that on many occasions the red color stops appearing in them.

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