Scientists found the greatest ‘evidence’ of the Mayan civilization, a hidden place in the forests, found with laser lights

The Mayan civilization has always fascinated historians, geologists, and scientists. This was the civilization of Mexico, which began in 1500 BC. Apart from Mexico, this civilization also developed in Guatemala, Honduras and El-Salvador. Little by little this civilization ended. Now, geologists have discovered a huge Mayan site in northern Guatemala, covering some 650 square miles (1,700 square kilometers). It is estimated that the Mayan civilization existed on this site from 1000 BC to 250 BC

This Mayan site was also discovered in an interesting way. The site was discovered by geologists during an aerial survey, when they used LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) from an aircraft. In this process, laser light is used and an aerial image is prepared from the reflected light. This technique works well in the heavily forested areas of Guatemala. Laser lights reach their object through the dense forests.

According to a Live Science report, the data received by the geologists identified more than a thousand settlements in the area, which were connected to each other over an area of ​​160 km. This study has been published in the Revista Mesoamérica. The data suggests that hundreds of years ago this site in Guatemala was home to a settlement that was linked politically and economically. Never before had such a place been discovered in this area.

Carlos Morales-Aguilar, involved in the study, told Live Science that we can now see the entire landscape of the Maya region in this region of Guatemala. Geologists also wanted to understand what encouraged the Mayan civilization to settle here. In their study, the scientists concluded that there was a good balance of agricultural land in the area. That is, the land here was neither too swampy nor too dry.

The researchers hope lidar technology will help them explore parts of Guatemala that have remained a mystery for centuries. Lidar technology has proven to be very useful in the areas that geologists are exploring in Guatemala. Due to the dense forest, the visibility here is very low. With lidar technology, scientists can scan the area very well.

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