Search for radical Amritpal SIngh continues, Punjab police arrest 78 people close

Punjab police are searching for Amritpal SIngh, a radical state preacher and leader of “Waris Punjab De”. Punjab police said in a statement on Saturday night that they had arrested 78 close friends of Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh. Police from seven districts have cordoned off the place where Amritpal is probably hiding.

Amritpal Singh and his companions were surrounded by police near Mahetpur village of Shahkot in Jalandhar. The police had advance information about Amritpal Singh’s arrival in Shahkot. That’s why the Moga police had already closed all the roads in Moga and Shahkot and put up a big naka. Police had previously arrested six of his classmates.

The rest were arrested at night. Taking precautions, the administration has shut down the internet in many areas of Punjab since 12 midnight yesterday. Sources say that because of the G-20, the government waited to take action against Amritpal Singh.

There are three cases registered against Amritpal Singh, the head of the pro-Khalistan organization ‘Waris Punjab De’, out of which two cases are at Ajnala police station in Amritsar district. Angered by the arrest of one of his close friends, Amritpal along with his supporters attacked the Ajnala police station on February 23. There was much criticism of the Punjab police for not taking action with him in this case.

Amritpal SIngh managed to get his worker released from the police by organizing a mass protest against the arrest of his key aide Lovepreet Singh. Hardline preacher and Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh, who is often surrounded by armed supporters, has been active in Punjab for some time. Amritpal SIngh is the director of “Waris Punjab De”. It is a radical organization started by actor and activist Deep Sidhu. Sidhu had died in a traffic accident in February of last year.

Punjab: Preparations For Arrest Of Khalistani Supporter Amritpal Singh, Internet Shutdown In Punjab Region

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