Shocking video | Unworthy example of bureaucracy! Caro mobile fell into the dam of the government that went to celebrate the party, pumped millions of liters of water


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New Delhi/Kanker. According to a unique case coming from Chhattisgarh, according to a shocking case from Kanker here, the overflow tank of the pond was emptied to get a food officer’s mobile out of the pond. Of course, it may be strange for you to hear, but it is completely true. A food officer’s phone worth Rs 1.25 lakh fell into Pakhanjur’s Kherkatta Paralkot pond in Darsal district. This incident is from last Monday, after which a massive campaign to get rid of the phone began.

To do this, the first divers themselves tried to find the phone by getting into the water, but they were unsuccessful. After which the pond overflow tank was completely emptied by installing a pump, then the phone was removed last Thursday morning. Food officer Rajesh Vishwas got the phone from him, but efforts to recover the phone that fell into the pond has become a topic of discussion throughout the area and the administrative department.

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the phone fell into the pond while taking a selfie

When information on the matter was extracted, it was found that on Monday, Food Officer Rajesh Vishwas had gone to the Kherkatta Paralkot Pond with his family for a holiday. Here Rajesh was trying to click selfie of him while he was standing near the pond. But only then did the lord’s expensive phone overflow the pond and fall into the frozen water. The water filled up to about 15 feet. What was then, the great campaign to get the phone out of the reservoir began. That lasted 3 whole days.

Irresponsible response from the food inspector.

In this case, when Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas said, “My phone fell into the pond while I was taking a selfie. The phone could not be found even after much effort on the part of the divers. After speaking to SDO Resources Water, he said that water is not used, so 5 feet of water was taken out. After which the phone has been found. Here, when the subdivision officer of the Department of Water Resources was surrounded by questions, he said that permission was given only verbally, but so far the water has been emptied up to 10 feet.

millions liters of wasted water

In this way, so much water was wasted just because of a government official’s expensive phone. Perhaps the cost of this officer’s expensive phone is more than the livelihood of hundreds of farmers in the area, who thoughtlessly wasted irrigation water even in the scorching May summer season.

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