Shubman Gill in Nagpur | Shubman Gill dominates Nagpur calls to meet dating app only posters for cricketers in cities

Shubman Gill dominates Nagpur calls to meet dating app only posters for cricketers in cities

New Delhi: At present, there is only one name on everyone’s lips in the country and the world and that is Indian cricketer Shubman Gill. Yes, these days he is in everyone’s hearts because of his amazing performance. Yes, and the reason for this is that Shubman has scored 5 centuries with the bat in all three formats in a month and a half, which is less than commendable. As we all know, Shubman has rained a century. In such a situation, the craze for him has now been seen in Nagpur as well, where only Shubman Gill is dominant everywhere.

Shubman Gill dominates Nagpur

Let us tell you, he has now become the youngest batsman to score a double century in ODIs. As we all know that before Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli had poured out hundreds of centuries, so the love that fans of him had given to Virat Kohli, now Shubman Gill fans are also giving him the same love. Yes, you will be surprised to know that people have started to love Shubman Gill so much that calls have been made to meet him on the dating app.

‘Get a Tinder match with Shubman’

Not only are there Shubman fans, but there are some who express their passion for Shubman as well. Yes, in fact, during the India match, a girl was standing with a sign that said make Tinder Shubman matches. Now this call of the girl has had such an impact that posters have been put up in various places in Nagpur and it is written on them: “Shubman idhar to dekh le”.

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Shubman Gill billboards all over Nagpur

We tell you that from February 9 there will be a test match between India and Australia. In such a situation, the Indian team came to Nagpur on February 2 for practice. Shubman Gill is also part of the Indian team in this test series. Looking at his current performance, it can be said that he will also be in the spotlight in the test matches. In Nagpur, on Friday 3 February, huge pink billboards were seen on many roads, on poles and on shop roofs. It was written on the poster, Shubman Idhar Dekh Lo and this poster was made on behalf of the dating app Tinder.

Umesh Yadav tweeted and took out

Not only this, but now star fast bowler Umesh Yadav has tweeted about the poster and enjoyed Shubman Gill. Umesh Yadav is a resident of Nagpur and this series of tests will also take place there. Seeing the Shubman Gill billboards in his town, Umesh Yadav’s tweet was bound to happen. Sharing photos of the billboards placed in different areas of the city, he wrote: “All of Nagpur is talking @ShubmanGill ab to dekh le.” User reactions are also pouring in on this tweet of yours. Some people are surprised that such big billboards are actually put up in Nagpur. Although this dating app can also be a marketing scheme of Tinder because Valentine is also around now and Tinder also has some good content for its promotion.

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