Singapore Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple Thousands of people take part in a ceremony

Sri Mariamman Temple Ceremony: The renovation and consecration of the oldest Hindu temple was staged in Singapore on Sunday (February 12). It was raining a lot during this time, but about 20 thousand people participated in the renovation of the temple. The country’s Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong was also present on this occasion. This Hindu temple was built by the Indians who arrived around 200 years ago.

The Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, known as a national monument in the country, was reopened to the general public on Sunday (February 12) after a year-long gap. Renovating it again cost around 3.5 million Singapore dollars (21 million rupees). Its creation involved 12 expert sculptors and seven metal and wood craftsmen from India, who worked on the sanctuary, domes and ceiling frescoes. The original color and structure of the temple have been preserved.

There is no decrease in the enthusiasm of 20 thousand people.

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong also wrote a Facebook post on Sunday. He wrote that it is a part of multicultural Singapore, where the whole community comes to celebrate each other’s cultural and religious festivals. This is no less than a milestone. He said that not even the morning rain dampened the enthusiasm of 20,000 people. I am very happy to participate in the ceremony. At the same time, the renovation of the temple was carried out by sculptor Dr. K. Dakshinamurthy, who is also a restoration consultant for the Hindu Religious and Charitable Foundation of Tamil Nadu.

Temple an integral part of the local community

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong attended the morning ceremony on Sunday (February 12) along with Communications and Information Minister Josephine Teo, Transport Minister S. Easwaran and MP Murali Pillai, as well as migrant workers from South India. abroad with the help of video calls. Jagdish Ramamurthy, a 40-year-old migrant worker, said the minister appreciated crowd control. “He tries to show very clearly the multiracial, multicultural and multireligious harmony that we have been able to maintain,” Teo said, noting that the presence of religious leaders from other faiths has become an integral part of the community.

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