Solar Storm Alert G4 class geomagnetic storm from the sun reached earth NASA said NOAA

Our Sun is behaving strangely. The Sun is in a very active phase due to its 11-year solar cycle. Sunspots are emerging on it, which are releasing solar flare, coronal mass ejection (CME) and solar storm, etc. If its direction is towards the earth, then it can have dire consequences. According to reports, a hole in the Sun’s atmosphere was detected in the past. Dangerous solar winds are coming out of it. For these reasons a solar storm is approaching the earth. It has come to our planet.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has said that due to the movements of the Sun, dangerous solar winds are reaching our planet today, so the G4 category geomagnetic storm is affecting Earth. It is said to be a G4 class geomagnetic storm.

You must be wondering how dangerous storms from the Sun can be for Earth. These storms reportedly do not directly affect land. There is no harm to ordinary people. These storms can cause temporary radio blackouts, affecting navigation systems, aircraft operations, etc. Power grids may be affected. If the storm is very strong, it can destroy our satellites in space.

The aurora can be seen today due to the solar storm affecting Earth. Aurora is a beautiful natural light in the sky. It is usually seen near the north and south poles at night. Scientists have long believed that auroras form when the solar wind interacts with Earth’s magnetic field. It is reportedly common to have holes in the Sun’s atmosphere, but scientists worry if their size is large.

Talk about coronal mass ejection, i.e. CME, so these are large clouds of solar plasma. After the solar explosion, these clouds are dispersed in space by the Sun’s magnetic field. Due to their rotation in space, they expand and often reach a distance of several million kilometers. Sometimes it collides with the magnetic field of the planets. When its direction is towards the earth, it can cause geomagnetic disturbances. Because of this, there may be a short circuit in the satellites and the power grid may be affected. When their effect is high, they can also endanger astronauts present in Earth orbit.

At the same time, when the Sun’s magnetic energy is released, the light and particles emanating from it create solar flares. These flares are the most powerful explosions ever recorded in our solar system, releasing energy comparable to billions of hydrogen bombs.

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