Soldiers will fly like Iron Man in the Indian Army! The army prepares to buy a jetpack suit

In the Indian Army, preparations are soon being made to provide such a suit to the soldiers so that they can fly in the air during the fight. Yes, there is news that preparations are being made to bring jetpack suits to the Indian Army. Just like the Iron Man movie, such suits will now be purchased for army personnel, in which they can fight while flying in the air. Jetpack Suit is a suit that after wearing it, a person starts to fly like a jet. His arms also have motors to control direction. It will be purchased to fly in the air up to 10 to 15 meters high.

You may have seen Jetpack Suit in movies till now, but now it has become a reality and preparations are underway to induct it into the Indian Army soon. According to a PTI report, the issue of buying 130 drones and some jetpack suits from the Indian Army has come to the fore. Through this, the ability to monitor the military and the deployment of troops more actively on the border will help. The drones will be connected via ground docking stations, so they can monitor for a long time at such a distance that the common human eye cannot see.

Along with this, it has been said to include jetpack suits in the military. Its cost is said to be around 3 to 4 crores. So far, the military has not revealed at what cost the suits will be purchased. These suits are powered by gas turbine engines. Which will be able to fly in the air at a height of 10 to 15 meters. According to media reports, the military plans to buy 48 of those suits. Each suit is said to have 5 gas turbine engines.

These jetpack suits can generate 1000hp of power. Plus, they can run on jet fuel. They also have motor arms attached to the hands so the operator can give them direction. The military has said that the weight of the jetpack suit must be less than 40 kg and its capacity must be such that a soldier weighing twice as much as he can fly, that is, up to 80 kg. Along with this, it has been said on behalf of the army that the manufacturing company will also have to take into account that up to 60 per cent of the suit will have to be made in India.

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