Sonam Bajwa | PAK fan got Sonam Bajwa’s name tattooed on her hand, the actress reacted like this

sonam bajwa

Photo – Instagram

Mumbai: Sonam Bajwa, a famous Punjabi film actress, remains very active on her social media. She where she keeps sharing posts every day. Fans are also eagerly awaiting her post, but the news has come out at this time. She is very amazing. Which proves that her madness is not only in the country but also across the border in Pakistan.

In fact, a Pakistani fan of Sonam Bajwa has tattooed the name of the actress on his hand. Whose image of her has been shared by the fans themselves with her Twitter account @TabassumDanish. In which the fan is seen sitting in a car. On whose biceps the tattoo of the actress’s name is clearly visible. Seeing who Sonam Bajwa is also shocked. By retweeting this tweet, she has given her reaction to it. She wrote: “What, let me process it first.”

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Significantly, actress Sonam Bajwa recently took a trip to the United States with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar for their ‘The Entertainers Show’.

Sonam Bajwa also made many stage performances during this trip. Many of whose videos also went viral on social media. As of now, Sonam Bajwa has returned to India. These days she is working on her next project.

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