Spiritual love Seeing Krishna for the first time Radha fell unconscious and fell in love Know this story on Valentine’s week 2023

Radha Krishna Love Story: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. This day is dedicated to love. Whenever a love story is discussed, the name of Radha-Krishna appears first. Although Radha and Krishna were not married, their love was selfless and spiritual. The love of Radha and Shri Krishna is immortal. Many mythological stories prevail about the love of Radha-Krishna. Let’s get to know some never heard before love stories of Radha-Krishna.

Radha fainted on seeing Krishna

According to a legend, Radha was about five years older than Shri Krishna. He first saw Shri Krishna when his mother Yashoda tied him to an oak tree. It is said that upon seeing Krishna for the first time, Radha lost consciousness and fell in love. Seeing Krishna, Radha felt as if she had a relationship with Krishna in his previous birth.

On the other hand, some scholars say that Radha had first come to Gokul with her father. He then he saw Shri Krishna for the first time. The place where both met for the first time is called Sanket Tirtha. Just as Radha had lost his senses on seeing Krishna, in the same way, Krishna had also gone mad on seeing Radha. It was love at first sight for both of them.

These two things were very dear to Shri Krishna.

It is said that at that time only two things were dearest to Shri Krishna, one was the flute and the other was Radha. Wherever Radha was, she used to be attracted by the melody of Krishna’s flute. When Krishna left Radha and started going to Mathura, he gifted Radha with her most beloved Murli. Radha also kept this Murli carefully for years. Whenever she remembered Shri Krishna, she used to play this Murli.

While Shri Krishna used to plant peacock feathers in memory of Radha and used to wear Vaijayanti garlands. According to mythology, Shri Krishna got the peacock feather when he was once dancing with Radha in the garden. He picked up this peacock feather and put it on his head and Radha decked Sri Krishna with a Vaijayanti garland before dancing. Radha is considered incomplete without Lord Krishna and Krishna is considered incomplete without Radha.

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