Spot before the launch of Coca-Cola’s special smartphone, seeing the design will say cold means ‘Coca-Cola’

Beverage maker Coca-Cola will collaborate with the smartphone brand to launch a new device in India. There will be a soft drink company logo on the back of the phone. Tipster Mukul Sharma recently shared high-quality renders of a Coca-Cola-branded smartphone. He says the phone will be produced in collaboration with the soft drink giant and a smartphone brand. While Sharma did not reveal the brand name, the phone’s design points towards Realme.

As seen in the image, the smartphone sports a stylish design with the Coca-Cola logo on the right side of the back panel. The red color matching the theme of the beverage company is seen at the rear. Apart from this, there are two circular rings on the rear panel in which two camera sensors are located. The volume button is located on its right side and has rounded edges.

There is currently no information on the specifications of the smartphone. This phone looks a lot like the recently launched Realme 10 4G. If Realme joins this partnership, it will be no different as the company has also launched many special edition smartphones in the past.

Aside from the design changes, the phone may get its own Coca-Cola-themed based UI. Let us tell you that there is not much information about this association at the moment. But Sharma says it will launch in India in the first quarter of this year. An official announcement regarding this phone may also be made soon and gradually the latest update may be revealed.

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