“Squid Game” surpasses “Game of Thrones”, a series with 17 billion views on YouTube | The Squid game has 17 billion views on YouTube, surpassing Game of Thrones

Digital Desk, Los Angeles. South Korean Netflix hit Squid Game has surpassed HBO giant Game of Thrones on YouTube. According to analytics firm Vobile, it has been viewed more than 17 billion times across a spectrum of long and short form videos.

As Variety reports, viewership is drawn from a variety of video content, including official trailers and clips from the series, fan recreations of iconic moments, plot-based real-world challenges, and even user-generated content. property based. is also included.

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Jared Naylor, Vobile’s vice president of audience development, told Variety: “In 10 years of watching YouTube, we’ve never seen anything like it.” The company identifies and analyzes how intellectual property is shared and coordinated in the digital space. Vobile has approximately 17 billion views from 129,000 videos uploaded, which includes both traditional long-form YouTube clips and YouTube Shorts, its recently launched TikTok competitor. Those videos also generated 533 million interactions (likes, dislikes, and comments).

Compared to these phenomenal numbers, Game of Thrones has amassed 16.9 billion views from 420,000 videos uploaded, including approximately 233 million interactions.

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