ST news update | ST is getting the benefit of giving concessions to women on trips, he earned so many lakhs of rupees

New ST bus

Fist: Since then, the Maharashtra government has decided to give a 50% ticket fare concession for women on ST buses. Since then there has been a sudden increase in the number of people riding ST buses. According to the information received, one lakh thousand women traveled by ST bus in Pune division in just three days. This earned ST management Rs 35 lakh.

This is the first time after Corona while ST has won such a huge amount from Pune division in just three days. The remaining amount of the ticket will be delivered by the state government. This will now be of great benefit to ST management.

So many women traveled by ST

On Saturday, 11 lakh 30 thousand women from the state traveled by bus ST. At the state government session, it was announced to give 50 percent discount on ST bus trips to women. This is being implemented since March 17. On the first day, 19,186 women traveled by ST bus in Pune division. On March 18, 46,228 traveled by ST bus and on March 19, 65,414 women.

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PMP must also give exemption

ST was running at a loss on some routes for some time, but after 50 concessions were awarded to women, ridership suddenly increased. ST management is definitely benefiting from this. On the other hand, PMP buses running in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad border are causing loss to the administration. PMP has had to stop its bus services in many rural areas. The reason for this was to get fewer passengers, but the way ST gets more passengers due to the exemption announcement for women in ST, the chance of loss of PMP is also reduced by using the same method in PMP. .

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