street vendors | Atrocities against the poor in the preparations for the G20, former mayor Joshi’s tweet against the Municipal Corporation

Street sellers

Nagpur. The Municipal Corporation was entrusted with the responsibility of the beautification for the G20 meeting that is held in the city, so not only was the circulation route of the representatives of the G20 member countries embellished, but also the pavement or intrusions on the sides of said routes. Given The Municipal Corporation had to bear the brunt of it on Monday when former Mayor Sandeep Joshi tweeted about the atrocities committed by the Municipal Corporation against the poor in the build-up to the G20. As soon as the tweet was made, outrage began to spread on social networks over the operation of the Municipal Corporation. Sandeep Joshi tweeted and accused an employee named Satpute, who worked in the Dharampeth area, of arbitrariness and calling it extremely unfortunate, demanded immediate action against him.

Seized assets buried in JCB soil

On the one hand, on Monday there was a disturbance in the municipal administration over the former mayor’s tweet. On the other hand, Razzak Qureshi, General Secretary and TVC member of the Nagpur Feriwala Trail Traders Organisation, which is waging a legal battle in the High Court regarding the hawkers, also demanded action against the hawkers. He said action was also taken against licensed hawkers around the Dharampeth area. Because the G20 was organized near Futala, the hawkers kept the shops closed, but the Dharampeth area of ​​the Municipal Corporation vandalized these closed shops and confiscated the goods. Alam was that the confiscated goods were buried in a nearby mud heap with the help of JCB.

Nor is the order of the High Court followed

He said the High Court has already given orders not to take action against licensed street vendors. The peddlers targeted under Dharampeth Zone junior engineer Totewar have licences. Steps have been taken by circumventing the High Court order. Now, the delegation against these Dharampeth Zone officials and employees will meet Deputy Commissioner Ravindra Bhelave and demand that action be taken against the culprits. He also warned to go back to the National Court through the organization if no action is taken.

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