strike | Employee strike continues into fifth day, government services affected


gadchiroli, Government employees are on indefinite strike across the state over the main demand to implement the old pension plan and other demands. The services of several district departments were totally affected by the continuation of the strike on the fifth day of the strike. Following which there is silence in various government offices. On the other hand, due to the lack of staff, farmers and ordinary citizens, including students doing their work, have to return disappointed. In particular, due to the participation of teachers and non-teachers in this strike, students are suffering academic losses.

On the one hand, state government employees have started an indefinite strike for their demands. On the other hand, the government has given such an order to the heads of departments to send notices to the employees who participated in the strike. According to this order, it will be considered improper to participate in the indefinite strike. Indisciplinary measures will be taken against the employee in question.

According to the central government policy, the employees involved in the strike will apply this method, without work, without salary. At the same time, the service of those participating in the strike can also be terminated. Information has been received that such a thing has also been said in the order. Along with this, there is talk of ordering action against troublemaker employees under the MESMA Act. Despite this, the workers remain firm in their strike. Especially due to teachers’ participation in this strike, students are suffering academic losses. On the other hand, due to the strike of the employees, the citizens have become the most upset. There is silence in the government offices.

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