strike | The employees stand firm in the movement, the slogans continue throughout the day.


wardha, All government, semi-government, Zilla Parishad, Municipality, Nagar Panchayat employees and teachers went on strike to demand implementation of the old pension scheme. Also on Saturday, on the holiday, workers gathered at the local Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar statue complex and chanted loud slogans while organizing a Thisa movement. The work of the government has been paralyzed due to the strike of the last few days.

On Saturday, the workers continued their agitation at the offices of Wardha and Karanja, Arvi, Ashti, Hinganghat, Devli, Selu, Samudrapur tehsil Despite being a public holiday, a large number of workers were present at the site of the agitation. In Karanja, employees attracted government attention by putting on a pension play, in which a large number of working women participated. The slogans were given by displaying banners with various slogans written on them.

Attention extracted from the drama of the road to the boarding house.

Throughout the day in Wardha and Ashti, workers performed bhajans, bharud playing tabla, patti. Same mission, old pension announcements were given. A large number of working women participated in the movement wearing the Gandhi cap. I came to see confusion regarding the move in the NP employee organization. Some employees have returned to their work on the information of the elderly. So some workers have decided to stick with the movement until justice is done. The effect of the movement was also seen in the district health service. Patients face inconvenience as some employees went on strike at rural and sub-district hospitals in rural areas.

Action plan for remediation plan

The District Magistrate has given instructions to prepare an action plan so that the strike does not have a negative effect on the health facilities in the district. For this, senior medical officials have been asked to plan measures so that patients do not have to face any inconvenience, they have been asked to pay attention to this.

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