Struggling with an injury on the right side of the body. Britney Spears suffers a right side injury

Digital desk, Mumbai. Pop icon Britney Spears is battling an injury to her right side.

Dancing on camera all the time for social media is her way of dealing with pain, as dancing actually helps calm her pain receptors.

She took to her Instagram on Monday to share a video clip of her dancing and dancing to a song. In the video, she can be seen wearing a red top, black shorts, and gloves on one hand. She also wrote a long note along with the dance clip, informing her followers of her condition.

She said: “I’m dancing Victoria…yes…I hurt the right side of my body…I believe that only God can heal it and no one else.”

Talking about how unbearable it is for her sometimes, she mentioned in her note, the veins are tiny and it feels like pins and needles going down my neck from the right side of my body and the part that hurts the most is the one that itches

I’ve done a good job trying to get over it. I’m much better, I can breathe… I feel better, because well, Jesus, now I can breathe.


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