Suicide | 2 people committed suicide by hanging


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Nagpur. In the area of ​​Shantinagar and Nandanvan Police Station, 2 people committed suicide by hanging. Vaman Manikrao Bokade (53), a resident of Lalganj Gujri under Shantinagar Police Station, hanged himself by tying a canopy to a ceiling fan at his house on Monday night. At 8 p.m., relatives saw him hanged and informed the police about the fact. The police sent the corpse for autopsy after doing panchnama.

Family members told police that Vaman was addicted to alcohol. Due to this, his liver was damaged and diabetes also occurred. Distraught by this, he committed suicide. The second incident took place in the Nandanvan slum complex. The deceased was said as Dhanraj Gajanan Chandekar (38).

Dhanraj hanged himself by tying a scarf to the hook of his home’s ceiling fan at 4:30 a.m. The relatives informed the Nandanvan police. The reason for the suicide is unknown. Police have launched an investigation by registering one case of accidental death in both incidents.

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