Taliban beat and detain a teacher who spoke about the ban on schools for women on a live TV show

Posted By: Kishore Ghosh | Posted: February 4, 2023 2:35 pm| Updated: February 4, 2023 2:35 PM

Taliban beat and detain teacher who spoke on ban on women's schools on live TV |  sangbad pratidin

Daily digital news desk: The Taliban issued a fatwa blocking higher education for women in Afghanistan. The country’s colleges and universities have banned women from entering. Educated Afghans have spoken out against this. 60 teachers resigned. Meanwhile, on a live TV show last December, Professor Ismail Mashal tore up his diploma certificate in protest against the Taliban ban on women’s education. He had to pay the price of the protest. It is known that recently the teacher was severely beaten by the Taliban police. He is currently being held at an undisclosed location. The Taliban government has acknowledged the teacher’s detention.

Ismail Mashal has worked as a journalism professor at various Afghan universities. Video of the protest of him on the TV show went viral around the world. Naturally, the face of the Taliban administration was burned internationally in that incident. His assistants and relatives believe that the persecution of the professor has begun for this. They said the teacher was badly beaten. After that, they took him from his house. It is not known where, in which prison he is confined.

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Regarding the teacher Mashal, the Taliban government’s Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Haque Hamad, tweeted: “Teacher Mashal has been involved in provocative activities against the state for some time. Security personnel detained him for investigation.” Marshal’s aide Fazil said: “Mashal has been arrested despite committing no crime. He has been a professor at three universities over the past three decades. Free books for children. That man is still in prison. It is also unknown In which prison has he been detained?

[আরও পড়ুন: জেলে বসে পরীক্ষা দিয়ে প্রথম, প্রাক্তন ULFA ছাত্রনেতা হলেন সোনার ছেলে]

“As a fellow citizen and a teacher, I can’t do anything for them,” Mashal said in response to the certificates being torn up in protest against the Taliban ban on women’s education. I think these certificates are meaningless.” That’s why he protested tearing up the certificate on the TV show.

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