Tamil Nadu Case Bihar Police Arrested Manish Kashyap in Bettiah Case, Not EOU Case Ann | Tamil Nadu Case: Bihar Police Citation

patna: In the case of Tamil Nadu, many videos went viral about alleged discrimination against Bihar workers. Tripurari Kumar Tiwari alias Manish Kashyap, the defendant in this case, turned himself in at the Jagdishpur Police Station in Bettiah on Saturday. Bihar police tweeted on Saturday morning that Manish Kashyap, accused of circulating fake video and economic crime police station number 3/23 and 4/23, turned himself in at Jagdishpur police station in Bettiah due to to the Bihar and EOU police raids. The Bihar police patted themselves on the back tweeting, but the truth is something else. Manish Kashyap has given up on some other case.

Now you understand what the whole thing is.

The Bihar police consider the handover of Manish Kashyap to be a dabish, but it is a failure that even after his bail application was rejected eight months ago, this defendant continued to roam freely whom the police failed to arrest. Understand the issue behind Manish Kashyap’s surrender. The reason for the handover was not the viral video of the Tamil Nadu case, but a case recorded in 2021 at the Majhaulia Police Station in Bettiah. In this, Manish Kashyap was accused of wrongdoing by working at the Paras Pakri branch of the State Bank of India in Bettiah and posting videos on social media. Four people, including the main defendant, Manish Kashyap, were named as defendants. The case number was 193/21.

the bail was refused

In this case, on 26 July 2022, the Patna High Court rejected his request for bail. The arrest was ordered. A few months ago, a seizure order was also issued at Manish Kashyap’s house, but the Bihar police were sleeping soundly and were unable to arrest him till date. Escape in the eyes of the court, but Manish Kashyap roamed free. The police were not watching him.

The police went into action after the argument.

Manish Kashyap came under the spotlight regarding the Tamil Nadu issue. After this, this matter spread to other states along with Bihar. After this, the Bihar police started to act. When the police arrived at Manish Kashyap’s house on Saturday morning to arrest him, he surrendered at the Jagdishpur police station. In the Majhaulia Police Station Case No. 193/21, the information about the seizure order was released to the media by West Champaran SP Upendra Nath Verma on Friday (March 17, 2023). Seven criminal cases have already been registered against Manish Kashyap in the Bettiah district, in which he is charged in five cases. Even after this, Manish Kashyap was on the run in the eyes of the police and was roaming freely.

When he surrendered in this case on Saturday, the Bihar police tweeted that he surrendered in the Tamil Nadu case while the case is something else. However, after giving up, the EOU team took him to Patna.

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