Tata became the No. 2 automaker by defeating Hyundai, Nexon and Punch won the hearts of users, now is it Maruti’s turn?

If you went to see Auto Expo 2023 or read their news or watched the video, then you must have understood one thing. that? Yes, Tata Motors is no longer a low-ranking company in the car segment. Rather, it is bringing more than one luxurious car to rule India. This is not just verbal but the data also says that Tata Motors has become the second number auto company in the last month i.e. December 2022. Yes, Tata has beaten Hyundai which has been in the number two for a long time, by 1,214 units due to its best-selling cars like the Nexon and Punch.

Tata Motors sales in December 2022 were 40,045 units, 13% more than the 35,300 units sold in December 2021. However, compared to the 46,040 units sold in November 2022, there was a drop of 13 percent. The company currently has a market share of 14.6 percent. In the same month last year, the company had 13.9 percent of the shares.

Tata sales break December 2022
Nexon was the best seller of Tata Motors. Nexon sales stood at 12,053 units in December 2022, down 7% compared to 12,899 units sold in December 2021. The car has been a great success with gasoline, diesel and electric powertrain options. Tata Punch sold 10,586 units in December 2022, up 32 percent from the 8,008 units sold in December 2021.

At number three was the Tata Tiago, which registered a growth of 65 percent year-on-year and 19 percent monthly. Last month, the company sold 6,052 units. Tata Altroz ​​sales were 4,055 units in December 2022, down 19 percent from the 5,009 units sold in December 2021. At the same time, monthly sales fell 20 percent as 5,084 units were sold. in November 2022.

Sales of Tata Tigor, Harrier, Safari decreased. Tata Tigor sales grew 84 percent to 3,669 units from 1,994 units in December 2021. Monthly sales fell 15 percent to 4,301 units in November 2022. Harrier sales fell 5 percent to 2,128 units, less than the 2,234 units sold in December 2021. However, monthly sales were flat at 2,119 units.

Safari sales stood at 1,502 units, up 1 percent from the 1,481 units sold in December 2022. At the same time, there was 5 percent monthly growth as 1,437 units were sold in November 2022.

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