Teenager lost 37000 Australian dollars Scammers impersonate bank SMS Girl transferred all the money

The biggest threat to the increasingly digital world has become scams, which rob someone of their capital for life. The latest incident is from Australia, where a teenage girl reportedly lost A$37,000 in a scam. The 18-year-old victim received a text message on December 3 of last year, stating that an anonymous user was trying to transfer money from her account. This scam started with this SMS that looks like the official message from the bank.

News.au.com reports that the teenager, named Arora, received a fake SMS that appeared to be from National Australia Bank, where Arora also had an account. His belief was strengthened because, according to the report, this message appeared in another message thread with the same number received by him from the bank.

The report further states that the message asked the recipient to call his number if he had not authorized the transfer. So, in a “panic state”, he dialed the number provided in the message. Arora says that on this call, the background music and the caller’s voice and speaking style were also similar to the previous conversation he had with the bank.

Not only that he waited a long time to connect with someone on this number like a bank line!

When she connected with the scammer, the scammer suggested that she transfer all her money to a bank account for safety. This is where Arora got stuck and immediately transferred A$36,561.37 (around Rs 20.6 lakh) from his account to NAB’s account. As soon as the scammer hung up, Arora realized that the money was not actually transferred to the NAB account, but to a Commonwealth Bank account. Shortly after, he allegedly contacted the bank, which refused to help him, saying that the bank was not responsible for the lost money, since he authorized the transfer.

Arora started working at the age of 14. Since then she had amassed this capital by juggling multiple jobs. Arora, who lives in Albany, Western Australia, told the publication that she always knew the value of money and that, over the years, she has been as careful as possible at every step.

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