Temjen Imna | Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along shared a photo on Twitter while he was sweeping the road, users gave such a reaction.

Minister of Nagaland Temjen

Photo: Twitter

New Delhi : A photo of Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along is going viral on social media. Although Temjen Imna Along is very popular for her hilarious Twitter posts, people also like this photo of her which is going viral right now.

Please indicate that this image has been shared on the social media platform Twitter. In this image that is going viral, Imna Along can be seen cleaning the path with a broom. Yes, you heard right. Along with the minister, other volunteers are also seen in the image.

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Sharing the photo on Twitter, the minister also wrote a clarifying message in the caption of the photo. So that users can also be inspired by seeing it. The minister wrote that under the pretext of the photo, please clean it up. The more photos you take, the more dirt will be removed. Also, he wrote that he keeps clicking, keeps cleaning.

Significantly, people are liking this image which is going viral. Let us tell you, this Imna Along post has over 15 thousand likes and also went viral with many wonderful reactions from Twitter users.

Reacting to the photo, one user wrote: “Kya baat hai… keep clicking, keep cleaning… this will inspire people for the cleanup campaign.” So, on the other hand, while he was giving his answer, another user wrote that some will deliberately litter and keep sweeping there until the video and photo are done.

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