The AI ​​chatbot will loot your money under the guise of romance! expert warned

AI-powered chatbots may prove to be a threat to humans, their privacy, and their capital in the near future. We are not saying this, but this is the indication of the latest report that talks about the possibilities of scamming people using AI chatbots. AI chatbots like ChatGPT are capable of interacting with users with human-like emotions and reactions. Not only that, they have been designed in such a way that they learn by themselves from the interactions and are capable of adapting to the preferences of the users. What would happen if scammers used such AI tools? How dangerous will this prove to be for the increasingly digital world? Richard De Vere, head of social engineering at technology solutions firm Ultima, has spoken extensively on this topic.

Online scams, such as romance scams, are hard to spot in advance, as the entire process of building rapport and trust with someone takes several weeks. But if the victim is trapped, then the process of blackmailing him begins using emotional methods. Now, what if this job is done by scammers with the help of AI?

Richard de Vere spoke to The Sun on the matter, saying: “In the US alone… around 24,000 people fall victim to romance scams every year. Scammers who use AI to automate many of their mundane tasks have a chance”.

De Vere says the artificial intelligence can talk to its victim about the weather, gain their trust by telling the victim about their family or how their day was in a captivating way. “The new generation of AI is nearly indistinguishable from humans, at least when communicating via email and messaging apps,” she said.

De Vere feels that some AI chatbots are capable of writing better and more reliable messages than humans and cited ChatGPT as a direct example. He explains that ChatGPT is a chatbot, which answers the questions you ask as if you had asked that question to a human.

“Currently, scammers can use ChatGPT to communicate with their targets. This opens up another opportunity for less-skilled criminals to increase the amount of activity,” he told the publication. And he added: “When the target is sufficiently prepared [भरोसा कर लेता है] get and stop there [अपनी] develops feelings, a real person can take control and force the victim to send money.”

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